Engineering & Design

Consistently ranked as a top engineering design firm by industry publications, KPAX, now part of ViewPoint Professionals experts are skilled at leading and executing highly successful, multidisciplinary projects. We use proven methods of coordination and collaboration with strict management of quality, value, schedule and cost.



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Construction & Construction Management

KPAX Constructions and Viewpoint Professionals provide construction, and start up for projects ranging from water treatment and conveyance to environmental remediation and renewable energy. We have the necessary capabilities, professional talent, universal reach and capital to offer our clients fully-integrated project delivery services.



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Digital Enterprise

KPAX offers a number of proprietary information technology solutions to support our clients as they evolve into digital enterprises. Our award-winning software tools facilitate knowledge capture, transfer and application to help KPAX project teams and clients to respond to and overcome a number of environmental and infrastructure challenges.



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Analytics & Research

Our multi-disciplinary staff offers state-of-the-art capabilities including pilot equipment fabrication and pilot testing. Areas include water-energy nexus and sustainability, treatment facility optimization, development of best management practices for emerging contaminants, treatment of industrial wastewater and produced water, and emerging technology development and evaluation.



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In today’s era of seamless economic and social engagement that transcends nationalities, political boundaries and geographical distance, KPAX Construction and Viewpoint Professionals are truly one global community. We are a 24-hour-per-day enterprise.  Distances are collapsing. Globalization is going forward. We are better, stronger and more capable because of the blending of cultures, work ethic, intellect and education – and together we accept our solemn responsibility.

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