MICX Project

Date 2016
Location Belgium
Value $25000000
Client MICX
Category MICX Project

Clad in a manner that gives texture and light to the structure, canted ribbon walls of curved champagne, anodized, aluminum wrap the form upwards to a prow that cantilevers over the street to the north. The lower walls are clad with vertical slats of unfinished Robinia wood that echo the trees in a neighboring park. In plan, the Center is a spiral that ascents on its self and articulates a planted green-roof and public terrace.

To the north, at street level the façade appears to lift up to reveal a glazed entrance, finished with deep blue aluminum mullions. To maintain the visual integrity of the form, the architect inserted few windows along the ribbon wall—and those are fronted by slats that are rotated to allow for daylight and views. Surrounding the complex is a forecourt of polished, light grey concrete, flecked with bands of Belgium blue stone. These blue bands continue onto the ribbon walls and into the interior forming an irregular pattern that unifies the design.