Metro Station

Date Scheduled 2017
Location Sofia
Value $35000000
Client City
Category Metro Station

The project conception is based on examination of the socio-time model of human behaviour in urban spaces. Special attitude has been devoted to the rate of processing the events and the participation of the individual in it. The necessity and the freedom of choice of people as participants in a dense and dynamic social environment have been evaluated.

Morphology: The subway as a linear transportation defines the relation between the movement and transport of people and goods over-ground and underground.

Context: The potential population in range of the station is 30000 people. The transportation of people approximates 7000 persons per hour. Conditions for harmonious communication depend on easy and quick access.

Social activity: Social activities define relations in time and space and the freedom of choice. TIME, SOCIAL GROUPS, AIM.

The appearance of ants in concept is not accidental. The ants represent the inspiration and non-verbal metaphor of a team with social order and organization of community. Their utilization is also accomplished over-ground and underground just like the metropolitan railway itself.