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Since our founding, we have engaged in the engineering, construction, and management of some of the largest and most technically advanced water, hydropower, mining and transportation projects for municipalities, governments and multi-national private corporations throughout the world.

Through our involvement in water engineering projects, the role of KPAX Constructions and Viewpoint Professionals are to help manage water purity and availability in a sustainable fashion for the health, livelihood and security of people worldwide. We have gone to great lengths over the course of our growth to achieve the gold standard of the water and natural resources sectors. Engineering and construction are only part of what we do as a leading global company. We are also leaders, managers, consultants, policy and project advocates, information technology wizards, economists, statisticians, public relations professionals and financial experts. The challenges are daunting, but we are ready for the task. We are proud to be the global go-to provider of infrastructure planning, design, construction and management services projects.

Our Process

  • Concept
  • Bid Documents
  • Bidding
  • Construction
All construction projects begin with planning and design, also referred to as architectural programming. Numerous overlapping steps occur during this conceptual or design phase, prior to actual construction of the project.An architect is the primary designer of a building or project and controls the overall design, specifications, finished materials (e.g., brick, paint, carpet, wall covering, etc.), and other architectural features of the building. In addition, the architect supervises the engineers responsible for the structural, mechanical, electrical, lighting and plumbing design of the building. Engineers must always conform to the design requirements of the architect. Each member of the design team must also be licensed with the proper state licensing authorities where the facility is located.
Contract/Working Drawings/Plans All projects, whether they involve new construction or expansion of an existing structure, require the preparation of contract documents. The contract working drawings and plans provide a pictorial representation of the construction work, and specify or lay out the designer's intentions for the facility. The drawings illustrate, among other things, the appearance, layout, equipment, and amenities of the project. These drawings show the architect's plan/design for the building's overall appearance, such as finish materials, floor plans, sizes, and use of each building area. Engineers design the building's structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and communication systems.
The third stage of the construction process is bidding. Once an owner determines that a project is feasible and that construction financing is available, the owner will solicit bids or proposals from general contractors and/or specialty contractors. Owners generally use trade publications and newspapers in order to invite contractors to bid on a construction job. A copy of The Notice to Contractors will be shown in the project's specifications, providing contractors with the bidding procedures.
Building Permits Before construction can begin, the appropriate municipality must issue a building permit. Specifications and blueprints must be provided to the municipality's building department, along with the application for a permit. The period of time for a permit to be approved can be lengthy, especially in the case of new construction. The general contractor or owner may also be required to submit results of soil testing, environmental impact studies, and any other necessary testing or studies. Sometimes, a public hearing is mandated, if there is opposition to the project. In most cases, a permit is issued within a few months. The cost of the permit and any related studies may be the responsibility of either the owner or the general contractor.
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In today’s era of seamless economic and social engagement that transcends nationalities, political boundaries and geographical distance, KPAX Construction and Viewpoint Professionals are truly one global community. We are a 24-hour-per-day enterprise.  Distances are collapsing. Globalization is going forward. We are better, stronger and more capable because of the blending of cultures, work ethic, intellect and education – and together we accept our solemn responsibility.

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